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Why did we start hubble?

Go back 800 years. School wasn’t very different to today: The teacher in front, the blackboard, the books – even the student falling asleep in the back.

800 years have passed and schools still work in very much the same way as they always have. This isn’t necessarily bad – take away all books, all blackboards, and an inspiring teacher could still make all the difference. However, we were wondering: In a world where we are constantly surrounded by technology that is making our life and our work easier, could there be a tool that makes schools better – in a way that has the teacher stay at the center?

This is why we built hubble. E-learning cannot mean putting students in front of laptops all day and letting them consume content. We have the teacher at the center of our philosophy. hubble is a tool that combines world-class content with analytics and admin functions – all in one place. Our goal is to help you do what you do best: to support, mentor, and coach your students. No machine will ever do that better than you.

Laurentius de Voltolina – Liber ethicorum des Henricus de Alemannia – Staatl.
Museen Preussischer Kulturbesitz

Our Team

hubble is driven by a group of people who share a common vision:
Let's make schools better through the targeted use of technology.

  • Ariane Hengst Co-Founder & Managing Director

    As our Managing Director, Ari spends her time setting up partnerships, developing our organization and content production model, and overseeing finances. Before hubble, she completed a BSc at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, an MLB at Bucerius Law School. She is currently pursuing a PhD at LMU Munich
  • Marc Brunssen Co-Founder

    Mar is our co-founder and Chairman. He focuses on developing our marketing and sales activities, recruiting new team members, and conducting fundraising. He holds a BSc in Government & Economics from the London School of Economics and is working at The Boston Consulting Group.
  • Erika Arnold COO & CMO

    Erika is leading day-to-day operations at hubble. She is managing our content-production team, and is leading our marketing work with schools. She holds a BSc in Government from the London School of Economics. Prior to hubble, she worked in operations and marketing for other startups.
  • Nina Klietsch Academic Director

  • Lukasz Gawrys CTO

    Lukasz is responsible for technological part of our company. He uses his technical and management knowledge by leading and overseeing the whole product development cycle. Prior to hubble, he worked for many startups as software developer and on his own projects.


Our content has been created by a team of 40 young academics from some of the world's leading universities.
Meet some of them here!

  • Maria Arampatzidou PhD, Stanford University

  • Robert Felstead PhD, Imperial College London

  • Nico Cousens PhD, Imperial College London

  • Paola Zanetti PhD, Imperial College London

  • Jenny Ouyang PhD, Princeton University

  • Kausik Regunath PhD, Columbia University

  • Nenad Tomic MSc, Jacobs University Bremen

  • Pier-Luigi Buttigieg PhD, Max-Planck Institute

  • Momchil Minkov PhD, Jacobs University Bremen

  • Gordan Ristovski PhD, Jacobs University Bremen