Providing IB schools with content and social collaboration tools

What is hubble?

hubble provides IB schools all over the world with digital content that exactly fits the syllabus. We help students and teachers to organize the tremendous amount of content you find all over the web and to connect it to your syllabus. In addition, we enable students all over the world to share and create helpful IB content.


simple. visual. contextual.

hubble offers world-class digital IB content that sparks your interest through great storytelling, cool visual animations and intuitive explanations. Each topic in the IB DP syllabus contains interdisciplinary real-life applications that show how theoretical concepts come to life.


generate. collaborate. target.

hubble offers diverse collaborative tools which facilitate student engagement with the IB content, sharing of documents with peers, or collaboration in group projects. Our global classroom turns students into digital content creators which allows them to connect to, learn from and share content with IB students from all around the world. Peer-to-peer content engagement will both increase retention and recall as well as encourage the development of vital collaboration and project-management skills.


review. connect. organize.

hubble breaks down content barriers between different types of media on- and offline. Students can create their own eLearning portfolio throughout their DP years which helps them keep everything they need in one place. The key to successful teaching and learning is to stay organized: hubble helps its users stay organized by providing a digital infrastructure for storing students’ and teachers’ resources of all types in a meaningful and structured manner.

Why you need hubble

Hubble is great outside the classroom. It simply follows your work-flow.

Content organisation made easy

hubble breaks down content barriers that previously existed between scattered eLearning pieces , so you can create your own eLearning portfolio to have everything in one place. hubble helps its users stay organised by providing a digital infrastructure.

World-class content at your fingertips

hubble offers world class digital IB content in different forms (video, audio, text) so you can choose. Each IB sub-topic contains on top interdisciplinary real-life applications that show how theoretical concepts come to life.

powerful interactive tools

hubble offers diverse collaborative tools, via which you can engage with the IB content, share documents with peers, or collaborate in group projects.

international mindedness

hubble is designed for tomorrows global citizens and digital natives. Students get the chance to upload assignments in which they have done particularly well onto our global classroom, which is shared with IB schools from all around the globe.

What do schools say?